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Ansync Builds UAVs

Ansync labs is an industry leader in commercial UAV design and development with multiple complete systems delivered to customers.

We are currently working on Generation 3 flight controllers, propulsion systems, and cutting edge composite manufacturing technologies.


Our Process

Ansync Labs has developed a carbon fiber compression molded and magnesium alloy frame system. This provides excellent strength-to-weight ratios and outstanding rigidity.

This technique is economical in small volumes yet scales to larger volumes easily.


A Complete Solution

Utilizing our in-house Printed Circuit Board Line and 5-axis CNC capabilities we’re able to rapidly prototype and iterate while avoiding common pitfalls of development.

A full composite lab employing bladder molding, compression molding, and wet layup provides access to leading edge technology for best-in-class designs. The UAV industry is moving fast! The only way to stay competitive is to combine the latest electronics and manufacturing technology.