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Ansync History

Sam Miller, Employee One

Ansync was founded with one idea: “Better products result from tight multi-disciplinary cooperation and engineering/manufacturing integration”. Ansync Labs is a small team of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers - backed by an in-house manufacturing machine-shop and electronics assembly line.

Ansync Labs was started in 2001 in the corner of a living room. In the early days the focus was on electronics design and software. Even with no marketing, customers materialized requiring both software and hardware expertise — with schedules measured in days and weeks.

Though designs could be produced in a few weeks — customers wanted the completed product more quickly. In 2007 (now a 6 person company) we moved into real office space and added a sophisticated automated electronics assembly line.

This allowed far more rapid iteration and, for the first time, tied our design effort to the technology that was going to be used to produce the product. In addition to faster iteration time (and consequently, shorter project schedules) - the designs were “production ready” as soon as they were completed. Additionally, rather than designing based on typical “rules-of-thumb”, we were now designing to the limit of the equipment. Designs got smaller, cheaper, and easier to produce.

In 2008 we added 5 axis CNC machining equipment. Mechanical design was already an important part of most projects but real in-house machining capability meant that tricky or aggressive designs could now be prototyped with multiple design iterations possible in a single day.

Ansync continues to invest in our infrastructure, talent, and production capabilities while continuing to provide complete solutions to our customer. Our portfolio includes wireless, FPGA, and microprocessor based designs, injection molded plastics, carbon fiber composites, and software expertise in web technologies and smartphone applications.

Our favorite line from customers is, “I wish I'd found you earlier, I didn't know you were here”. The inevitable response is, “We didn't know about you either!”. If you know you have a complex design problem, lets chat!



Ansync Labs combines state of the art electronics with quick turn in-house mechanical design/production to create leading edge industrial products. We leverage technology and manufacturing techniques learned in other disciplines to bring them to the industrial market.


Ansync Labs is a turn-key medical device designer and manufacturer allowing doctors and surgeons to collect data in ways never before seen. Previous projects include blood processing equipment, knee replacement instrumentation, and dental imaging products.


Ansync labs designs connected devices (bluetooth, network, RFID, Zigbee), handles FCC compliance, smartphone apps, and cloud based data backend. Recent projects have included wireless BLE sensors smaller than a dime, low power sensor mesh networks, and gigabit networked devices.


Ansync Labs handles custom PCB and SMT production from assembly all the way through testing including low and high volume production. We are equipped with state of the art inspection including AOI, 2D X-ray inspection and 3D Computed Tomography